120414 Truelaw Outlaw Junction News-Green-Brown-Red Edition

And in the news today…….!

Ooops? Hang-on! Better jump online foist….

Meanwhile…., Inneresting thoughts pop-in since yesserday’s Green’s leader Bob Brown announcing his retirement from the big house.

New Boss, Christine Milne, has already said the Greens will place more emphasis on rural voters henceforth, no doubt a conclusion after the Greens’ poor showing in the Who’sland election on March 24th.

Could be a big task, as we know how welded-on rurals are to mymymy-land ideals etc.

Quite right, to focus out there, nevertheless.

Not that I want to say much about Bob’s retirement, but one has to consider whether he and the boy’s…., and the dykes, weighed how much the gay lobby has impeded Green’s growth in sheep-shagger country?

Hoho…., well, a thing of the past, methinks, especially as there’s less sheep than ever now…!

But there’s no question that Aussie Bushie’s are averse to gays, and rightly do not entertain the idea of gays running the nation, whether or not they are also down, so-to-speak, on women having too much power.

Whatever…, it’s obvious these considerations were in Bob Brown’s and his mate’s minds post-March 24.

Assuming so, we, heterosexual Real Men have to recognise the chance that Bob moved out due to these considerations, as well also, fairly, for his own abilities to enjoy his remaining years away from the shitfight we all know politics is.

But, the point here is that we, Men, give him, and the Greens the due recognition for their conceding that our feelings against gays in power debilitates the unquestionably most important political shift ever, from rude, blind, selfish and totally unsustainable consumerism to a culture which puts, as the federal Environment Minister, Tony Burke, emphasised on ABC1’s Q&A this week, “…the health of the system first….” (referring there specifically to the debate on the Murray-Darling Basin’s future sustainability, in both ecology and economic productivity).

All things considered, Bob Brown displayed his typical Statesman-like magnanimity by resigning, showing without doubt that Reason, and Wisdom, outweighed any ambitions he, or his gay promoters, assuming they exist, may have had, on such grandiose hopes such as him one day becoming PM.

Clearly though, that was never gonna happen, and he, if not his emphatic supporters, knew it all along.


Without predicting or putting any of my agenda on Greens, if only because Christine Milne has already announced where they will concentrate from here forward, “going bush” will, in some ways sadly, have better gains with the subtle presence of Bob’s gayness withdrawn from the federal arena, because most all country males will breathe a quiet sigh of relief.

However, and not wanting to put a “mozz” on the Greens, as Who’sland March 24 showed, and was made note of by some better-informed political heads, lots of Who’sland men just don’t like women having too much power, especially in politics, and the concomitant control of the economy.

So Christine may have a task in that alone?

Distinguishing her from Who’sland ex-premier Anna Bligh is difficult. Anna is Catholic-indoctrinated, and from here, Christine probably is also.

For my own maltreatment by Catholic females, I’m quite antipathetic to their mindset, and refuse to ever forgive the bitches.

But, these neg’s, have to be seen and known as from personal experience. Were I to go back in mind to other Catholic women who were not outright fucking evil to me, I might be able to recall some who are genuinely good souls?

In the public arena however, we all have two faces, one of how we present in public, and the other how we think and in the end, act to satisfy our own needs and desires, which of course, is fair enough.

Anyone who puts themselves last, as the black book advises, ends up in the ditch, no doubt. Especially in today’s utterly awry and insane western, free-market, CRAPitalist world.

So satisfying ourselves that anyone, is fit to hold office, power and control of our or other peoples’ lives is a hard one, surely?

If we scan Australia’s political history, we’ll find that most all of them, a small few shining above the lot, were purely self-interested bastards, up there because they were raging egomaniacs.

Again, I refer to the excellent book “The Landboomers” by Michael Cannon, for an expose on how utterly scurrilous Victoria’s colonial politicians were in the second half of the 1800s.

These character traits obviously carry-over right-up to today’s shitfights, whether in Canberra, State parliaments, or local councils.

Pauline Hanson but one in living memory who became victim to ruthless legalese and political chicanery as stubbornly exist across our blood-soaked land.

Without question, there are uncountable numbers of souls destroyed by the same anti-democratic evils, here, and of course globally.

Being a female has nothing really to do with being targeted or shot-down if a potential is seen by the establishment to be a threat to their megalo-psychosis.

So, how does a voting populace assess the sincerity of their representatives?

Well…, to merely say “selflessness”, says nothing, simply because, whatwith the mega-bullshit industry now behind all political-candidates-speakers-hopefuls-members-parties, etc., words are meaningless, mostly.

Today, in these unquestionably dubious times, with irrefutable evidence that the future is seriously under threat, and that every main-player in politics, economics, religion and culture is/are filthy with corruption, we have to engage every bit of our thinking faculties to discern where, who, what is the best, direction, representative, but mostly policy, so we can have at least some assurance that we will not find ourselves sold down the river in years, or decades to come.

Slowly voters are wising-up and can discern the important aspects of politics from the egotrips. Slowly, I say, due mainly without doubt to the evils of self-absorbed self-interested lobbyists and party, corporate-politicians, who make it their mission to deceive and delay the masses out of their rightful dues.

Thankfully, the “Socialist-Left” of politics knows the importance of things like having a “Social Conscience”, which in the person, has for whatever reason, found the ability to weigh politics, or just personal inter-relations, impartially, and in that, knows that it can never be all one way in life.

The ones who are found to have within them, something of a “Shining Light”, and are recognised for actually being sincere, Intelligent and Balanced in how they “transact” through life, usually end up stomped, either by the hoards who, for example, some 1970 years ago, advocated Yeshua ben Joseph went to the cross, or by the establishment. But then, mostly, when the hoards stomp someone of high calibre, they have been bought to do the brutal work of the establishment anyway, gutless as most establishment power-brokers are.

But that’s a fairly different story.

Most of today’s politicians are “selected” often well before they enter the political fray, and by a board of selectors, from various “high councils” be-it religious or corporate.

So, what, who can we really trust in politics?

At the far-opposite end of self-interested politicking, is the planet.

So, as far as I am concerned, the selected, who advocate what is best for the whole orb, will always get my vote, were I to still vote.

Retiring Senator Bob Brown showed his Sincerity right through his “career”, and so I feel sure, will those who come after him in the Greens.

With all the sneaking and hidden agendas rampaging across all political classes and arenas today, we have to concede that merely to “go there” necessitates being dragged in to the cauldron of corruption, and thus, in some part, we are obliged to partake of the corruption.

So it is also in main-street and back-street life, we all know.

If the culture is of filth, it basically means we have to bow to it to some extent to do what is our right – to survive.

But, like Machiavelli wrote, “…ya gotta be evil in an evil world”.

Finding a group, club, gang, coven, church or party which admits this, and yet can stay on the Right Path becomes the question for each person, and to me, this can only be known as “boni fide”, if the Mob openly acknowledges such fundamentals as “…putting the health of the whole system first”.

If a party, or candidate cannot speak, act and live in such terms, they are not worthy of the vote.

Why so many voters cannot see this simple fact, is a travesty, and an indictment of how our political, cultural educative structures are disastrous failures.

Who’sland’s latest premier, Campbell Newman, I doubt can see the world, and politics anywhere near to this way.

Without doubt, his underlings are there for the egotrip, and are germinated and sewn in the garden bed of Bjelke politics of the last half century, so find such plain truths about the political games, unfathomable, I’m sure.

But to clarify, I found Bjelke an abomination of a politician. But, he was also more a product of a heinously corrupt era, nation and state, so from where I view things here in Whathefuck’sland, I know that he saw well the evils of his opponents in state and federal and offshore politics, so it’s as likely, he was doing his damned best to counter the unforgivable filth which was being dropped from on-high on Who’sland, and across the rest of Uluruba, and his inimitable character and style were his way of holding some form of fort against the probably even darker foe.

Whether the Eurapean economic crisis can be cured, corrected or not, the future has to be one of living more in tune with the ecology.

Even the die-hards of right wing political attitudes live in more efficient ways than their antecedents. Most of them will have energy efficient appliances in their homes, offices and even golf courses, etc.

If they cannot let go of their fucking ridiculous and exceedingly juvenile pride, in showing their absolutely false superiority in big houses, big cars, big budgets etc., “…clothes maketh not the man…, cocksuckers!” or in how many kids they can have, then they surely are the last people we want to have a voice, and especially power in a more and more energy-conscious world.

So, the Greens have the task of awakening the Intellects of the rurals, so they can see for themselves the incontrovertible Wisdom of Green Living.

But to be sure, there are many more than just the voters to bring up to Intelligent speed.

Banks, real estate and other heinously corrupt industries have to find their way up the ladder of smarts also, so that that are able, without loosing too much face, to bow to the superior place of Earth First REALPolitiks, and to recognise that Green means getting over the last 100, 200 years of unregulated, unrestrained product exaggeration, which has drowned all sensibility in insatiable desire and firm belief that materialism makes us happy.

But, underneath all of that, in line with True Green mindedness, has to be the common consensus that we all live and die according to the most primary laws, and that they are always Environmental Laws.

As long as any political representative refuses or cannot admit that this is Primary, they do not deserve our vote, and should not be given any respect or place in the public and national debates.

And, on the other side, those who speak out openly, and admit fully that these are undeniable facts of life, and that they have to underpin politics – and all economics – from here forward, and who go to hell and back to have such Balanced Policies enshrined in our national charters, etc., are the most worthy, most trustworthy, and are they whom we have to have in government.

If rurals do really care about their country, they cannot deny that this is so, and that they have a Duty to everything they hold dear, to listen and learn from the Greens, federal, state and local, and of course, support them in vote and fund.

As it is, it’s understandable that lots of rurals shy from Environmental and agricultural reforms, such as changing their multi-generational farming techniques, stock, and crops, etc.

Tyrannical banks and equipment suppliers and communities and as often anachronistic governments frown on change, because it means they have to get off their fatcells and THINK, in different, intelligent ways, and that always means they have to change how they skim their fat-profits off your backs. And for them worse, in that they are being asked to think Ethically, right outside the box of institutional, corporate, CRAPitalist self-interest.

As most of us are creatures of habit, and get stuck into slots from our earliest years, especially if we’re cursed by dumb parents and dunked into a church school, as most all executives, bank managers, real estate agents, mining owners, lawyers, accountants etc., etc., etc., have been, breaking the backs of really bad habits, not just personal habits but cultural habits can only happen when the masses are fed-up enough to group-up,toughen up, and address the issues head-on.

This is supposed to be what democratic elections are all about.

But as we’ve all been dumbed-down by materialism, and see the task as now impossible, we retreat to our tinnys and TVs and pizzas, etc, and no one takes-on the farcical processes we call elections.

Will Campbell Newman address this?


Will Tiny Habit?


And what about the quietened Bob Big Hat Katter?

He could?

If, in a dreamy scenario, he and his Mob were to brave the Wisdom of Green Politics, as I elucidate above, and have a chin-wag with the Greens, together they could, being both quite aware, savvy and I’d say disgusted at the loose processes of elections, and of the flawed nature of our basic political, electoral structures, etc., go a hell-of-a-long-way to correcting everything politically awry in Astrayliar.

Thus, a cross-politic, from outside the centrist, essentially…, hmmm…, “debilitated” main player parties, from both, what I regard as one idealistic (right wing) extreme, and again, what I regard as one evidence-based (left wing) extreme, agreement would inspire huge numbers of voters to take up the challenge and work and vote and lobby for a Greener, but also a less regulated economy, satisfying both sides of everyones’ demands, needs, and wants.

By “less regulated”, I write about perhaps Australia’s most restrictive political structure – the states.

The layout we know as the federation of states, in itself a sound idea, having had many modifications over it’s existence, it has failed to move with the times, and with the development of the citizenry, into less of being “subjects” to more of being independent thinkers and capable doers.

These developed attributes have made us, as it seems, is the natural course of our species’ maturation and evolution, less in need of a central authority.

However, it has also to be emphasised that Aborigine either very early, divined this as central to our own character, personality, Tribal nature, and as central for the sustenance of life’s simple pragmatic as well as Spiritually and economically proper, sound, correct, complete way, over their timelines, or, the other option as to the core of this way, is that they, and all pre-Roman, pre-Jewish, pre-western cultures never strayed from the oneness with the unchanging universal laws. In biblical terms, they never “fell” from the mythical Garden of Eden.

But back to the current “fallen” epoch. The designs laid upon this continent and it’s periphery islands were created during a period of political mayhem, both here in the new colony, and back in Brutain and Eurape.

On top of that, the new land was huge, and along with deeply demented ideals about “race” and who was and who was not a “Human Being”, as well as Brutain wanting desperately to grab and retain ownership of the Aborigine’s land, with no effective means of communication to bridge the vast land mass, the states were the best they could invent.

But dealing with the issues of their days, and trying also, not unsuccessfully, to include what might develop over the decades after, it’s likely correct to say that they failed to incorporate mechanisms for modification, to move with the changes occurring within and outside the new lands.

Could they, in their limited visions, have predicted and incorporated the political and legal structures for smooth transitions as have been enabled by the technologies of motorised transport, electricity, telephonics, aeroplanes, satellites, etc?

Then there’s massive changes and improved scientific insight in systems and methods of farming, etc.

But alas! This is how things are all over. Political and cultural eruptions like the Nazi Movement in Prussia were not all bad things, for essentially, Hitler and his inner circle thinkers saw well how staid and self-destructive the old orders had become, and indeed, cannot help but become, and the Nazi Movement was in essence an attempt by concerned people to break the moulds of old power. Old power which had become dangerously stagnant and thus more a dead-weight on the backs of a fast-growing and changing society, culture, continent and world.

Clearly, the colonists of early Australia failed in such affairs as predicting the inevitable, yet unforeseeable changes, and designing-into the political infrastructures the room to move, to change things, if we look at the carnage imported in how they have essentially (Eu)raped the lands, waters, and even the atmosphere, and how the same methodologies still hold the minds of the people to their archaic practices.

And yet, with mountains of scientific ecological evidence, mountains which are growing almost exponentially each week, still refuted and ignored by the mainstream, self-interested, right wing idiot political players, stumbling blocks remain in the way of shifting gear and into a more harmonious way of living with the natural environment?


Along with the irrefutable scientific economic evidence telling those who are aware that something has to be corrected, is the ancient “science” then as likely regarded as divined from God/YHVH/Allah/Ahura Mazda/Brahma/Tao, Et Al, of Localised Governance.

Think Global – Act Local” is a relatively new mantra, but it’s meaning is eternal, and was known and held as fundamental to the Aborigine since day one.

So, in terms of the outdated system of governance in Astrayliar, with it’s dated, inefficient and fully corruptible three-tier federal/state/council design, it has to be to the political players outside the centrist mainstream mobsters that voters and political orchestrators look, because they, being a little bit away from the overheating boiler-room of control, and it’s inherent need to follow a set path to maintain stability, even while chaos cannot help but become the order (?), are best placed to both win support from those who also see the farce politics has become, and who see and want to bring-on changes for themselves, their communities, for the nation, and today, all of us are aware that the planet has to be included in all political debates and legislative concerns.

So, as for Big Hat’s farfarfarking north Who’sland secessionist protestations of recent times, there can be no doubt that he has a very Sound, Pragmatic and Intelligent point.

But along with many within the main player parties, the Greens see also the irrefutable rectitude in reducing the states to smaller, more manageable, Localised provinces, states, regions, macro-councils, or, as Aborigine interpreted their 520-plus Tribes, pre-invasion, “Nations”.

And really, it’s not so “out there” to suggest both that Australia, remaining a federation, correct it’s system of government to 500-plus micro-nations, along similar boundaries as the pre-invasion Aborigine nations had perhaps, and in that, decentralise power to them, the macro-councils or micro-nations.

As a fellow Student of the School of Economic Science succinctly put it to me years ago,

…Local councils under a federal umbrella…., ….with revenue (taxation) collected fully by, and going UP from local councils (micro-states/macro-nations/provinces) to the central, federal Committee…”

Of course, the anti-everything-Wise, the Tiny Habits of the NONONO parties, again, dated products from the 19th century Brutish elites, would, like the hypnotised puppets they are, protest, and pay their idiot ideologues of self-interest and stuck-in-the-mud followers to march on Canberra, and would be mentally-blocked, by their Rhodesian scholarship blinkers, from seeing the veritable Wisdom in this, and thus from coming on-board, which is why I say that it’s up to the Mobs outside the main power bases to employ their influence and bring about the corrections the world, and farfarfarking north Who’sland, Et Al, needs.

Were an awakening of this nature to occur in rural Australia, making farmers ready and supported in changing their deadly, dated, “unAustralian” in fact, “traditional” habits, such that the banks, etc, had to agree with enviro-friendly farming and communities, everyone will benefit.

Even the bankers, by not having people so hate them.

But, clearly, none of it is a purely national thing. Offshore tyranny rules the day, and so any lobbying here has to be equalled overseas.

Slowly, Green Consciousness is growing in the first world, and reaches up the class ladders everywhere.

Germany perhaps has led the way for years, (indeed, Hitler himself was very much in favour of organic farming, vegetarianism, and the national land tax to fund government!) but factors often unexplained have made it hard for the Germanics to go all the way.

Obviously, being prevented from living a style of rightminded living is a long-entrenched cultural issue, and cultures are the hardest to correct, especially when the known one is so fascinating, capturing, entrancing, as today’s western “modern” trend is.

Changing our popular culture is like expecting Mrs Elizabeth Windsor turn Buck Palace into a hostel for the homeless, and down-size to a modest 10-bedroom house.

And…perhaps, there we have it?

Now….? what was in the news…..?


All Praise the Immortals!

All Praise the Warriors who have fallen

Fighting for a Just World!


from the Traveling 4×4 Tent of



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120402 Truelaw Outlaw Junction News BOOM-Shankah! Edition


Here’s a funny one!


Well, I thought so, as I drove along a bush track this mornin’.


Been down it a couple of times, and pay little attention to the various farm houses along it, outside of having flash-thoughts of liking to live here, or there, or up there, etc.


Ooar? A new shed?”


Or, “Oooar? Lots a stuff in his yard?” But, they’se normal cattle-running lazy bastard Astraylairn farmers, I thinks.., most of the time.



But for years, one thing I do think, and shout to the driver’s door window, is, 


“OH! LOOKIE AT ALL THAT LUVELY LAND!  acres-and-acres of it, sitting idle, wasted on cattle munching the grasssssssss, AND NOT ONE SQUARE MILLIMETRE OF JUSTICE!!!!!”




Often, for being without anyone else to say sssstupid things to, I say them to myself, and this mornin’, one quip wuz… “Oooarrr? So that’s where they grow the marijuana!”, as I came into view of a farm house with a BIG, 40 foot shipping container posited on the “front” paddock of their rural-lux do-nothing-but gather the interest on the speculative value of the land, or something similar, “farm”.


Typically, I thought no more about that sight, until, later, as a catholic female loitered near my shed, and as I began sensing a witch nearby, I bore the insult, and mentally-drifted back along the route I’d taken that mornin’.


Lo! On landing the mind’s eye back on that property, the current of occult energy dispelled!


So! That IS where they grow the marijuana!, I laughed. And laughed.


Then, the Conspiracy Theorist mentations began spinning, and soon as, I had deconstructed how the fucking Catholics fund their war against the Freemasons!


Being schooled into the Catholic Brudderbond club of “…we will make your children financially secure for life, but you and they, and everyone you associate with, have to support us also,” the deal is made that rural parents of kids accepted into the elite schools, help the micks in their war-effort.


This can be in one or more of many ways, and……, one of them, is to grow heaps of marijuana on their bush block.


The coppers, when not paid-off, which they are most everywhere, would never suspect a nice middle-upper class Catholic family farm as doing naughties, so, essentially, you can grow whatever you damn well like, as long as you give the church half the profits!


And, as many bank managers are in on the situation too, usually, being Freemasons, they are happy to come to a compromise, knowing that the war is but all one huge fabrication, so being enemies with customers is avoided if at all possible.


Now, this is all my mind playing games with no-one else but it’s own want to have a chat and a laugh. I s’pose I should make up an alter ego for myself and give it/him/her a name?


Nevertheless, having known for years that such a war does exist, and that the two named drugs – OH! The Freemasons, aka the Anglicans/Protestants, the fucking Poms, have always had the heroin market sewn-up, from Afghanistan to your local junkie, and use it to fund all sorts of skullduggery in every local council to federal parliament on earth, which is why Tony Windsor elected to back the ALP/Greens in the 2010 showdown hung parliament – beside the point – and is why the British tell us they are the dominant nation – and aside from the fact that the Jesuits – the Catholic Jesuit monks – Oh Holy-Holy NOT! were the first to begin controlling the opium growers and trade and shipping and Eurapean market in 1601, out of India, the story goes that the so-called “left-wing” of politics, the Socialists, et al, have more ethics than to deal in the filthy-nasty – oh-so-fucking-NICE-heroin – so in order to stay in the race against the evil Freemasons, they make what they can from the “clean” herb, marijuana.


These two mainplayers in using war to fuck the planet – the Freemasons and the Catholics – are the reason why heroin and marijuana, and cocaine, and other natural drugs, are illegal. They can make much more in the black market, than if they were legal, and attracted taxes.


Of course, the reality is that the scum-suckers on both sides of this cult battle to end all – life on earth – deal in all and any drugs, and deal more ruthlessly than Ghengis Khan did with the Tibetans – in YOUR Country in the guise of real estate to fund their prissy little estates and overseas holidays.


All because the fucking deluded – on magik, laudanum (heroin), cocaine, marijuana and all other recreational yummies, Catholic and Freemason upclubster, upemselves, uptop upyernoses of Britain’s and Eurape’s elite thought they were so clever as to be able to fool the world that their favorite little Jewish boy – Jesus – was coming back!


This started the nasty behind the scenes war between the more Honorable and not quite so deluded Freemasons, who saw the outright evil in such a scheme, and the bewitched nutters of the “secret societies” of mid 19th century Britain.


Amidst all their desperation and propaganda to win over faithful fools, they abused the occult and began making 4th dimensional creatures designed to frighten the shit out of unsuspecting commoners and otherwise innocent dupes.


Hence – ALIENSSSSSzZZSZSZSZ!!!#$%^&????


Now, of course, their extremely fanatical and abysmally selfish games of it’s mine! it’s mine! has gotten way out of control, such that the world is alive with their bewitching madness.


One reason why Who’sland Queensland was drowned in occult floods over the last year, which killed the coal mining and export industry, as well as at least the cash-cow tourrorist industry, and other sources of income for the ALP government, prior to March 24 this last.


So Who’sland can expect to be running on heroin funding for the new Newman government from now until the Apocalypse.


And whether or not the weather reporters tell us the monsoon season is over – BOOM – NO MORE FLOODS! – just like that! – Who’sland, can expect less wetness, cause Aunty ‘Liz-beth the second and her right royal land-grabbing cronies and relos right wing self-interested bastard have stopped squeezing the water out of god’s underpants, and have drowned the Catholic ALP in Who’sland and most other Astrayliarn states right out of favor and government, “…for a generation, at least!”


At least until the next generation comes of voting age, and forgets the evil transgressions of Rome’s puppet party of “Yes, we’ll bend over for YOU, il pappa!” of the last 55 years.


Being the bunny in the centre of the conspiracy to build an idiot puppet Catholic messiah, I have become tired of the push by Catholic women to have me open my 3rd eye and dance the Jesus boogey, and, am trying, as best as is possible, what with every idiot witch jumping in and out of my aura from minute to minute, to re-evaluate my allegiances.


My feelings thus far, being as I’m so pissed-off with Catholic bitch-witches, is to forgive the right wing extremists for their callous social agenda and approach to the poor and the fallen, and side with them, because at least some of them, are quite up-in-arms against the heinous Catholic secret of ME, of making a false messiah.


Let me remind me, that the messiah concept, in Christian belief, is the most evil antithesis to the same Spirit which that Fella, Jesus ben Joseph, sought to have his disciples and followers find IN THEMSELVES, and is exactly what the Freemasons have been at war against Catholicism over, for centuries.


So, while I did not hold back in shit-canning Campbell Newman leading up to the recent election, and am not at all convinced he and his horses will lead anyone in Who’sland out of the shitfight the world has coming, I am obliged to side with the Freemasons in small ways, such as doing everything possible to shit on Catholicism.


Especially if they are blackmailing their school student’s parents to grow marijuana on their squishy 20-40-500-20,000 acre properties, so the dumb-’em-down Catholic cult can keep the delusion of Jee(that’s)-sus alive!


But what do I know…?


Mayhap everyone is making war to ready us for the alien invasion, said to have begun thousands of years ago, but only went viral once the Jews won their freedom from Egypt?


Either way, Catholics have no right, nor quantifiable reason to force me to become a Catholic witch.


If, I am forced into that condition…. oh boy…..


To that…, lately I’ve been obviously moved-in-on by Catholics, with, I have no doubt, that intention of forcing me to turn Catholic, and play out their delusion.


So…,  (not that anything can correct their mental illnesses and fascinations)


Listen-up hubristic bewitched and frantic Catholic idiots, Freemasons, Illuminati, et al et al, you shall not force another Human Being to join your cult!  


It does not matter one bit that your masters of delusion have spent some 130 years and several billions of POUNDS STERLING, etc, on bringing this machination to be!


It is a fraud, and is an insult to every human being!


That the whole affair has been exposed, and as for example, last week’s Who’sland election sent a very clear message to the Catholic ALP, that “the big game is over” as Obama put it a few years ago, and to every gullible fool who, essentially, ultra-selfishly preferred to believe this messiah BULLSHIT, shows one, how stupid your cult’s and their masters have been, therefore two, how ignorant, selfish and soft you all are to blindly follow them into the ditch, again, purely because you are all hypnotised flockers of the most evil cult known.


All of this should be more than enough for everyone to get off their fatcells at last and do what is right, in terms of how we live from here forward into the extremely “dusty” future.


Especially private school students!  


That none of you, get up and PROTEST in your classrooms, putting it straight to your teachers, that they are betraying your future, etc , and do what they continue to do, not for any students’ benefit, but singularly for their own wages and salaries, should have you going SIKKK, but instead, you all just wash over it with a joke and care nothing at all because – “mummy’s growing the marijuana”. or some other softcock situation, which keeps you in hi-tech toys and cool friends on Facebook, et al etal ETCETERA!


Jesus is dead, kiddies, and no amount of Harry Pottering will make him real, non matter how many lieslieslies mummy and daddy tell.


As for playing with your Hogworts to steal my sleep…., trying to turn me into your special puppet….,


It is against our Constitution, and against every persons’ inalienable Human Rights, as set out in the 1948 United Nations Declaration of Human Rights, to force a Human Being to join any cult.


 So beware of what you wish for….. cocksuckers!

All Praise the Immortals!

All Praise the Warriors who have fallen

Fighting for a Just World!

from the Traveling 4×4 Tent of


Omaxa bin Eartha

aka Max Earth



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120324  Truelaw Outlaw Junction World-Chop There Was A God Edition


There was a god, who thought himself a good god, who lived outside of all groups.


He was, of course, as all gods have been, but a mortal being, fixed to this planet, Earth, and he was not a happy god.


His observations over his brief lifetime told him that few Human Beings from the cult and skin he was drafted into, were at all good. That time would reduce their number. That they did more harm – far more harm – than good.


This god, unhappy with all his brethren and kin, but Respectful of his Step-Father, a Nobleman if any, while he was still playing the part of a Human Father, saw the carnage the lost, yet extremely egoistic whiteskins were doing earthwide.


For years he was traveling a path of Righteousness, and gave his all to enlighten his, and all the people who came to being able to hear or read what he had divined.


Yet again and again, they would abuse him, mock him, hunt, harass and haunt, even bash him and steal everything he possessed.  Even his own family did this to him.


And oh what a perverted people”, he thought.


Being a god, not any mysterious superior original creation type of god, but one who was stuck, embodied as a Man, he had, by secret agent gods, certain powers invested in his soul.


As he saw these powers playing themselves out through his mind and his mind’s eye, he fell upon how to use them.


And, as everyone else with whom he came into contact was bought off by the dark forces, and thereafter was paid to betray him, this good god grew angrier and angrier with them.


Every person has their price!” and hereabouts they were cheaper than any!


And in his rages, he was vulnerable to other gods, most all of whom were not good at all, but were deeply sick, perverted beings, mostly themselves, but puppets, and thus, not unlike how he saw himself, were idiots.


But he refused to bow to any forces, if he saw they wanted him to compromise the Principles his Immortal Step-Father, and the Most Respectable School on Earth, had taught him.


Amongst his mighty powers, he could bring droughts, lasting decades, and floods, larger than any in recorded or living history.


And earthquakes.


So, while being or thinking himself a good god, he was hardened enough to know that the Humanitarian belief in passive change, to this fallen world, the Fabianist way, was bedeviled, for it left evil to prosper, and to continue ever-on to destroy the Pure, the Wise, the Genuinely Holy Beings, Creatures and things of this world, of this tiny little nothing of a planet on the edge of but one of billions of galaxies.


So, after years of holding back his powers, he came to know that force had to be deployed to quell and kill the dark force, not forces, but THE force behind all other dark forces.


He meditated for years on the Original “force”, and that there alone was the Holy and the peaceful.  And in his Silence, he knew that to remedy this universe’s waywardness, he would have, one day, to draw the universe back into it’s creative spark.  Reverse the ever-outward flow of the universe, and withdraw it “back to the Unity” as he would ponder.


He knew not of the many predictions and prophecies of the many cults and beliefs’ systems, which told of a time when all the stars would fall, when things would turn on their heads, and when people would devolve to amoebas, once more.  But they saw the same as he had divined.


That, as evil is insatiable, and comes in many shapes, it shall never control itself, thus, so that good is not completely consumed, an end had to arrive.


Alas! So it was to be.


As the whiteskins were so deep in the pit of ignorance, yet trumpeted it as enlightened and progressive, and would not stop, to control their desire, thus would destroy all the good souls of this small world, he deemed he must throw his force into the deepest ocean. Not to drown it, but to awaken it, such that it would ignite a wave from the deepest centre of that ocean and wipe-out all coastal areas.  This wave would travel fast and right around the planet.


All the most dark concentrations of modern life, the westernised cities and coastal habitats would be drowned forever.


Of the estimated 7 billion people alive, some 4-to-5 billion would die as a result.


“Justice!” he decided.  “For the fools who so idiotically believe they can use magic to save themselves and to make themselves ever wealthier, and to ward off disaster to their own, must be buckled onto their knees, and permanently broken, before they really understand humility and the primary need for Reverence to the Original Creation, that upholds everything they see, and know and hold dear.


Nowhere on the planet was, by his time, uncorrupted.  Not one nation nor Tribe even, were anywhere near the Purity of pre-Roman and pre-Hebrew times, and all places were infiltrated by the dark greed and stupid insatiability of the whitefaces.


So, he deemed, correctly, that before these egomaniacs with occult and nuclear weapons ventured beyond the planet’s reaches, they had to be sent back to the stone ages, to try to start again and try this time to hold fast, as the Aborigine had forever, to the Original Pure Traditions.


And over a short period, this god was brought to the brink of beginning to end it all, and unleashing his monster wave around the planet.


He threw his force down on some regions, which shook the ground and killed many, many people.  But this was only a taste of his might and anger.


But, in his troubled thoughts, for he felt his was such a poisoned life, and destiny, and duty, because while most all whitefaces – man woman and child – were the greatest danger to the good, were intermingled with the rest of the Genuinely Good and Holy and Sacred Peoples, so he troubled over this accursed duty to wipe out the ceaseless evil.


But he chose to not.


This, purely because he could not do the same to the Wise Tribes of Earth, the still Noble, Humble, and Law-abiding Aborigine Peoples.


Even though he knew all things were winding down all over earth, and that the great fall was near and unstoppable, and that life on Earth was only going to be degraded by the fanatical hypnotised whitefaces from here into the future, so all the Humble and usually poorer peoples would have to fight evermore and much harder to survive, to keep the group safe and together, he deemed it their destiny, and the inevitable destiny of those whites who brought the end down, to have to face their own demons and endure their own future fate, for most, of eternal damnation.


In these Meditations, he also heard his own thoughts, other gods, laughing at the knowledge that the dark forces and Humans and beings would one day have to burn, after laughing at him and at the good who have suffered for so long.


With mixed, but not regretful emotions, he enjoyed that knowing.


So, for now, the planet earth lives on.


But his insight knew that the process of decline had begun, and had to go to it’s conclusion.  And he knew this would accelerate from, well…, it has been active since the beginning, and began to accelerate once the path was first wandered from, thousands of years ago.


So, he knew, that it is pointless to “cling” to any “thing”.


Indeed, he saw well that those who claimed possession of wealth and worst of all, power, or who thought highly or superior of themselves, were in fact terminally possessed by the objects of their desire, and for them and by them, they would perish, and burn, and burn, and burn.


To this, he also laughed, and laughed and laughed………………




Here’s a new scribbler to this ‘ere WordPress blog page.


After a few weeks of being virused on my old laptop, with the telco ISP, Telstra being typically “naughty” (watching my language on this new blog site) refusing to reconnect my dongal, I bought anoither laptop and connected via another ISP.


But being a rather well-known and harassed personage, but a mere puppet to a filthy large cult, I have reservations about how long they allow me to stay online.


There’s no doubt it was they, in part, who downed my last connection, along with the Australian and Brutish military, for fear of my divulging views on quote “Why the army bastardises it’s recruits”.


therefore…., as my pitiful life is but on edge from moment to moment, as I’ve been forced into penury, exile and homelessness by afoiresaid forces for 17 years and 40 days or so, nothing can be assured as to the length of time I can maintain either an internet connection, or this new (to me) weblog.

Also, after preferring to “enjoy” Google’s services, knowing they are right in there with the Illuminadi cultists, who deem my life and thoughts theirs, and after Google fail as credible, but alas? which multinational corp or internet power is not subsumed by the dark side, I dropped Google, and ran to WordPress, having seen the name elsewhere under credible farfarfar more REALPolitik articvles and bloggers.


Saddest thing is my google weblog – www.maxearth.blogspot.com – has many posts, some 900-plus, posted since about 2002, and pictures, and as I’m in deep exile so have no mates to guide me through the internet and how to use it efficiently, they steal that little bit more of my life.


And I start again…..




TRhis first WordPress post is but a test to see what it looks and feels like.


I hope I like it, and they, WordPress, like me enough just to leave me alone…..

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